Welcome People of the Rainbow

Another school year is upon us and this, truly, is the year of the rainbow. DiverseCity already has a schedule packed and ready for you, filled to the brim with epic colourfulness.

First of all get ready for our beloved events to resume twice a month. The first event is going down the 10th of September (a Thursday, the following events will be held every second Wednesday). We’ll be at our new digs at Folkestedet, so come along and join us in the inauguration of the organisations new home.

We’ll have all you can eat cake and coffee, tea and hot cocoa for a measly 10’er. In addition DC will bring some board games and if you have a favourite game, feel free to bring it along.

This first event is the perfect event if you’re new in DC. Come check us out! It is going to be super relaxed and fun, we’ll make sure to welcome new people properly. There’s a rumour going around that the person in charge of bringing the cake, may or may bring her famous rocky road brownies, so that alone is reason enough to come along!

Boasting aside, we here at the board are super excited especially to try out our new accommodations and to see all of you, both new and familiar faces again after the summer holiday. So if you’re up for gaining a whole group of fellow queer friends all at once, you know where to go.

The event will start at 19:00, Carls Blochs Gade 28, Aarhus C.

Check the link here for further information and updates on our Facebook event.


The day after our start up event Danmarks Største Fredagsbar is taking place at the University Park and of course DC will come along as well. We’ll find a nice spot in the sun (trust us, if it’s there we’ll find it) and plant our butts on blankets to enjoy some cold beers in fabulous company. You’ll be able to spot us on the rainbow flag, so do come up to us and say hi, if you feel like it. It’s completely casual, you can come and go as you like.


We have created a facebook event here, check it out during the day if you can’t find us or need to contact us in any way.


With lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses (yes, new people that includes you)

– DC



*Picture above is taken by Agnes Geleff

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