Stand-Up at Albert’s 26. nov 2017

Hey Squirrelfriends

Here are the pictures from the Stand-Up event at Albert’s

Remember, they only have English Stand-Up on Sundays, reservation is not possible and be there before 8 pm as the doors close.

The gang ready for some Stand-Up – and no Pouline is not closing her eyes, she is part Asian, so stop being racist. 😛

On Sundays Prince Harry takes time off from his royal duties and hosts the Stand-Up – see that’s a humanitarian cause or maybe a disaster relief, as they weren’t that funny…

And the personae non gratae – sorry.

Maybe we should convince our very own Pouline to give it a try… Ha ha ha ha… NOW that’d be fun!

For more information about Albert’s do visit their website:
Unfortunately, just like their Stand-Up comedians there is no English version… 😛

Over and Out

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