September: Semesterstart. Need help packin’?

Hey Squirrel friends!

September has come. DiverseCity is starting up again from a long summer holiday and so is school.

Don’t sleep September away, and making us wake you up, when September ends… Be like Brainy Smurf come to our events, we promise a semester full of fun, Fun, FUN!!!!!

September 4th – 6th: Come and meet us at AU Studiemesse!

September 5th: Come and meet us at AU International Fair – this is for all you exchange students!

September 6th: We are playing IKEA Bingo, come and play for grand IKEA prizes – rumour has it, that it will be hosted by the (un)lovely Ny Ephelkystion – the Danish equivalent of Bianca del Rio.

September 15th: DiverseCity is joining Danmarks Largest Fridaybar! Come and drink beers with us, and we’ll probably end up at G-Bar afterwards!

All there is to say we wish you luck with a new semester and we hope to see old and new faces.

Over and Out

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