October: Hallokween!!!

Hey Squirrel friends!

It’s already October and Danish summer has apparently come… Yeah I can’t believe it either…
But the slightly warm weather will not stop us from being cozy!

And remember, Proud filmfestival – the LGBT filmfestival in Aarhus – is currently screening a lot of wonderful movies. Check it out!

October time is apparently party time which is definitely reflected in the events this month.

October 4th: Social Wednesday – as usual.

October 18th: Oktoberfest at Sappho – Category is Lederhosen and Dirndl Drama, come dressed up and there might be a freebie for those of you who do. <3

October 28th: Halloween Party – Fancy Dress Party, Party hard, and we’ll go to G-Bar later…

I wanted to say that’s all folks.
But! Team DiverseCity managed to climb 4 places up at the last G-Bar Pubquiz. (Thanks Pouline!)
So if you want to help us reach 3rd place by the end of the semester, please join!

Over and Out

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