November: Movember. Be thankful for… backrolls?!

Hey Squirrel friends.

I can’t believe November is finally here. You know what that means right?
– Hot guys with mustaches or beards!!! Love them!!! So scruffy….

Unfortunately it is also getting darker outside. BUT – now that’s a big but – in the spirit of American Thanksgiving let us all be thankful for the DC board planning a non-boring November!

November 8th: We will be playing Board Games at Aarhus Brætspils Café. For only 30 DKK you can play any board game imaginable and they even sell nachos!!!

November 22nd: We will go to Kvindemuseet [The Women’s Museum] to see their amazing exhibition. Something for the lesbians and the feminists.

November 26th: Mind you it’s a Sunday, We will go to Albert’s, here they have free Stand-Up comedy in English. Don’t miss out – especially Pouline’s laugh which everyone knows by now…

See you later Wally Gator

And don’t let it be a while crocodile!

Over & Out.


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