Museum Night 22. Nov 2017

Hey Squirrelfriends

As a new experiment we’ll be making post about our events. So people can see all the fun stuff we do – and they miss out on. Muhaha
So DiverseCity went the Women’s Museum the one next to the Domkirke.
We went to experience the Gender Blender and Billedestorm exhibitions.

A familiar face on the TV. 🙂

An important timeline of women. It’s not always a man’s world

Body Positivity – I personally like the hot-dog boxers!

On loan from Lady Gaga’s personal collection

Pouline trying out sizes for a boob job.

A board describing all the genders

Billedestorm exhibition. All about women <3

We ended the evening at Bodegaen, very cozy.

Gender Blender exhibition is currently showing – I don’t know for how long.
Billedestorm exhibition is showing till December 30th

More info at
Unfortunately the site is in Danish, but we do urge you to hurry and see both exhibitions as they put a huge focus on gender, gender as a term, why we separate gender and the woman’s place in the arts.

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