January: “Rosebud”

Hey Squirrelfriends

How is everybody doing?! A new year has passed and we are all awaiting good things to come in 2018. Especially All-Stars 3 *gag*
That is why the theme of this year’s blogs are movie quotes! Bet you didn’t think that!
Can you guess from which movie this month’s quote is?

So as you can see our lovely board has been planning really hard for this semester.
But let’s summarize what DiverseCity will be doing in January

– January 23rd: Ice Skating and Street Food.

– January 30th: DiverseCity is invited to International Student Fair, so be sure to drop by as Pouline is baking (again!)


We are aiming for a slow start with an epic finish! So don’t hesitate to join.

Love you all – yer special little snowflakes.

Over and Out

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