G̶o̶l̶d̶e̶n̶ April Showers

Hey Squirrel friends April is upon us, and that means Easter Easter galore, henny!

Chicks and Bunnies everywhere, but let’s hope that the sun comes through too.
I bet you all watched the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race – that episode was oh so juicy.


So if you saw it and now want to discuss it with other DC members, then come to our events.


April 5th: Board game night, bring your favourite board game and discuss the T, also as a special thing, CJ – I don’t know who that is, but I bet you guys do – will talk about PrEP a form of HIV/AIDS medicine.

April 18th: DiverseCity’s Alternative Easter Luncheon. Yes, we are doing it! We are eating out, like a bunch of horny rabbits. If you’d like a cozy eat-out at Street Food Aarhus, then come and join. NB: It requires you give notice a week before, since we will be reserving tables, so that we can sit together.

April 28th: Kapsejlads 2017. Yes it’s true, DC will bring the rainbowpower to Kapsejlads, so be sure to sit with the cool kids on campus. Bring a blanket, and something else from the list, a list that will be put up later.


So we hope you celebrate Easter, the only way possible – The rainbow way!

As always check the event calender regularly for updates.

Over And Out


Nota Bene:

DiverseCity is loosing 50-75% of it’s board members. This means we need new people to take up the gay torch and keep DiverseCity going. Do you have a secret fantasy about being a board member, then speak out and be present at the General Board Election on May 31st. Here we shall say goodbye to the old board members and welcome to the new board members.

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