August: First among men, Last among Pride months…

Hey Squirrel friends.

Did you all have a fabulous gaycation?
Are you stuck watching Game of Thrones and The Real Housewives of Orange County like me – God! The plate throw Shannon made in The Quiet Woman, had me living for days!

Well as you can see the DC board has been planning hard – very hard! – to make the upcoming semester as good as previous ones. <3

Even though all the fun will start in September, there are still some fun things to attend in August.
– My birthday – joke! Although wish me and Sophie a happy birthday on the 14th and 15th of August.
Copenhagen Pride: The mother of all Danish prides (19th of August) Some of our members are attending, or if you fancy new company BLUS are our Copenhagen sister organization.
– Gesten Pride: A one time small pride made in protest of a mad woman. (26th of August)
– Quiznight at G-Bar:
On the 30th we will make a Team DiverseCity, or a Team Candy Cunt, an participate in this years G-Bar Quiz.

All there is to say is, DC will be attending Studiemessen (4th to 6th of September) and the International Studen Fair (5th of September) so cum! and say hi! 😛

Over and Out – and Proud


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