Only ONE week left!

Aarhus Pride 2015 will be here in just one itty bitty week!

Make sure you go to our Facebook event here, if you want to join us in what is sure to be a most phenomenal day.

If you (like some of DC’s board members) have trouble waiting for next Saturday, here is a handy list of things to do until then:

  • Pick out your pride outfit, lay it out on a surface for everyone to see, yourself, your roommates, your study group and glance over every time feel there’s way too long until Saturday the 6th.


As demonstrated here: 

Billede 30-05-15 13.26.49



  • Make sure you have checked off on our questionnaire in our FB event whether you want any of the alcohol DC supplies during the day.
  • Jump around while listening to Lady Gaga, Cher, Beyoncé, or any other Queen you might prefer.
  • Pray to the Gods to bring sunny skies.
  • If succesful in the previous endeavour remember to pack sunscreen. If not check to see if you have an umbrella lying around the house.
  • Remember to buy your ticket to the official Pride Afterparty at Train. The FB event is here and you can buy the tickets here.
  • Check and see if your schedule is free thursday evening where we will meet up and pimp our ride (a twin sized stroller). More info will be published on your FB page later on in the week.
  • Watch this video (repeat until Saturday arrives)


We here at DC are looking forward to spending the day with you and together celebrate our colourful, colourful community.

– DC

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