New year, new semester – still awesome!

Hi Peeps!

Ready for a new school year to begin? Off course you aren’t! But hopefully you’ve embraced the inevitable and is going about getting ready with your heads held high and a small amount of dignity still left over from the exam period.

We’re trying something new this semester. The first Wednesday of the month will be dedicated to Social Wednesday at Folkestedet, in a comfortable and secure setting with plenty of opportunities for long conversations with your fellow DC people.

The third Thursday of the month we’ll head out into Aarhus and check out what the city has to offer. Once the scheduled event is finished we’ll go grab a beer or a coffee at a cafe somewhere downtown to finish the evening with style. When it comes to DC everything is pretty relaxed, so don’t worry if you can’t make it for the entire evening. It’s okay to just drop by for whatever part of the evening that speaks to you.

Here at DC plans have been brewing for quite a while and we’re finally ready to share those with you. If you haven’t seen the semester plan over on our Facebook page yet, here is what you missed:

3/2 – Social Wednesday: Speed Mingling
18/2 – Ice skating followed by dinner at a restaurant
1/3 – Social Tuesday: DC Great Big Bake-off
17/3 – Visit to Aros “A New Dynasty – Created in China” followed by beers at a pub.
6/4 – Social Wednesday: Prepping for our huge LGBT+ night the 13th.
13/4 – A presentation on LGBT+ history in DK and Aarhus.
(This is the event of the year guys! You helped win us the money to make this happen and it is going to be AMAZING, so make sure to clear the calendar!)
4/5 – Social Wednesday: Annual General Meeting while grilling sausages and drinking beers out front of Folkestedet.
19/5 – Board game night
1/6 – Social Wednesday: Pre Pride Prep!
18/6 – Last event before the summer holiday

Now before we begin for real we would like to ask you guys to help us get the word out for new or old students who haven’t heard of our awesome get togethers. If you know the perfect place to hang a poster or two at your place of work/school please let us know and you’ll get a couple of posters to hang up or someone from the DC board will swing by and do it if you prefer.

We’ll begin the week of advertising starting Monday the 25th of January. Look for updates on our FB page.


The first event of the semester will be Wednesday 3/2 at Folkestedet and is the perfect place to start if you’re new to DC. We’ll have an activity planned called “Speed-mingling” which does exactly what the name implies. Questions or topics will be printed out and you’ll have a minute or two to talk with fellow DC members until the alarm dings and you’re off to the next person in line. For old members this is a nice way to catch up after the holidays as well. In the true spirit of DC there will be plenty of cake and coffee. The event starts at 19.00

For more info check out our FB event here.


Saturday the 6th of February DC is going to have a Fastelavns Party (the Danish version of Halloween, basically another excuse to dress up for a party, yay!). We’ll team up with LGBT Ungdom to throw you an amazingly fun night so make sure to join if you haven’t already. More info about the event is to be found here.

Thursday the 18th DC is taking over the iceskating rig in front of Musikhuset. You can rent skates or bring you own, but the rental service closes at 18.00. Because of this we’ll have to start the day a bit early. We’ll meet down at the skating rig at 16.00, have a couple of fun hours out on the ice and when we’re all cold and more or less bruised we’ll go down to a restaurant to have a meal together. We still haven’t decided what restaurant to go to, so if you have any ideas hit us up! Check out our FB event for further updates.


That’s all for now folks.

See y’all in a bit for lots and lots of fun!

– DC


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