Might it be May?

It doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but the last month of spring is almost here which means another month of awesomeness from DC.

We’ll start off next week May 4th with a Social Wednesday event that also doubles as our Annual General Meeting. Don’t worry the meeting will be short and fun, a chance for anyone to voice their ideas about the future of our little organisation. We also need to elect and reelect the new board, if you are interested feel free to write to us with potential questions.

The original plan was to drink some beers and grill sausages outside of Folkestedet, but considering the weather lately it’s a good thing we also have tons of soda and cookies left over from our last event. The evening starts at 19.00 and you can find the facebook event here.


The next event will be a board game night at Folkestedet. We’ll have a game expert come by and explain the rules and introduce us to all the cool new games. It going to be a fun and cozy evening with plenty of opportunity for some good laughs and nice conversations. The event takes place on Thursday the 19th.  Find out more here on our FB event.

One last thing is that our Aarhus Pride Event is officially online, if you want to celebrate the day in great company click this link to find out more.


See you guys in a bit

– DC

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