January, any new year’s resolutions?

Hey Squirrel friends

After a fabulous Christmas Party, so gay even Liberace would be proud.
Hopefully you’ve all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with the traditional new year’s resolutions, we never keep.

DiverseCity is back in action.


We are so excited to present this semesterplan, no we truly are – that is actually my happy face.
And we can not wait for this amazing semester to begin!!!!

So what’s in store for January.
By the request of international students, who have been asking for one event before they go home in February. We have heard your plight.
– 19th of January: We’ll go ice skating at the ice rink, so come on and find your inner Johnny Weir!

– 20th of January: Café Sappho is holding their annual Christmas Bingo. In celebration of Aarhus now being the Cultural Capital.

– 21st of January: Danish D-Lite is having a sport’s day.  A perfect event for all the rainbows wanting to work on their summerbods now.

– 25th of January: LGBT Youth Aarhus is having a discussion evening. It’s about LGBT related subjects in our schools, so come and let your voices and opinions be heard.

Check out the event calendar regularly.

A whole lot of fun. So come to one, two or all events. Just don’t stay home with the excuse of having exams – we all know you’re just procrastinating, by either masturbating or watching Netflix….

And finally….

Here is a Smurf on skis – for all the haters 😛

Over and Out


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