It’s Christmaaaaas!

(Well almost)

December is here in just a bit and that means holidays, delicious food, wine and beer and lot’s of gifts! Or if you’re a student, an enormous amount of stress over the approaching exams and the everlasting feeling that you forgot something.

Luckily for you DC has taken it upon ourselves to help you forget about all that and make you take some time out to enjoy the gayest of seasons with your favourite queer people. Starting tomorrow (1. December yay!) there is an AMAZING event for you, with drag queens and glitter and, not to forget, a chance to win prizes. On the occasion of World Aids Day, AIDS-Fondet is hosting Drag Queen Drop Inn Bingo which is bound to be as fabulous as it sounds. Although not technically one of our own events, people from DC will definitely be there, so if you need someone to go with feel free to call us up and we can go together.

The link for that event is here.


Next on the gay agenda is our Social Wednesday which is this Wednesday December 2nd. Now THIS is what Christmas is all about. A bunch of queers getting together to bake cookies, make christmas decorations and play and epic round of X-mas Twister! (We’re not completely sure what separates X-mas Twister from the regular kind, but if you join us Wednesday we can find out together) The event starts at 19.00 at our usual place, Folkestedet. You can check out this link for more information.

Now this is both great news and something that makes us here at DC a bit sad, because our next item on the calendar will be the last DC event this year. Luckily though we’re going to end the semester with a bang! It’s our favourite X-mas party of course. There will be food, jolly good times, dancing and eventually a trip down to g-bar for the people who feel up for it. The merriness will take place friday the 18th of December for further details click here. 

Now all that is left is to say see y’all really soon

Lot’s of hugs and kisses

– DC

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