Holy Mama June, DiverseCity survives! Oh yeah & PRIDE!!!!

All the gaybies, all the lesbies.
All the bibies, all the trannies.
And all the people in between….
Now put you hands up!

It’s Pride month and DiverseCity has elected a new board, which means DiverseCity survives for at least another year!!!

So who are these wonderful people:

Axelander, Sophie (in laptop), Simone, Beth (inside the other laptop) & Pouline (showing her inner beauty as usual)

But we all know you have exams during June, so let’s make this short and epic!!!!

June 3rd: PRIDE!!! Aarhus Pride, join us. It’s the gay version of Christmas!

June 17th: Final event of the semester! We’ll have a blow session (followed by a circlejerk) in an eventhall, afterwards BBQ’ing and G-Baring to the break of dawn! Woo Hoo!

Now those are some events you don’t want to miss out on.

Over and Out (& Proud!)


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