Epic News!

Okay Guys! Okay Guys! Okay!

We have some news and some info for you. Hang tight it’s going to be a longer post than usual.

First and foremost in less than a week, next Wednesday, we have our last Party before the summer holiday and we want you to come! It’s going to be great, BBQ, games, beers, you name it!

Check out our FB event here, and come back and read on. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.



Next on the gay agenda is the fact that we had the time of our lives with you at Aarhus Pride and we just couldn’t wait a whole year before doing that again. That’s why we invited ourselves to walk with Blues and Spectrum (the LGBT+ Student organisations of KU and SDU) in the Copenhagen Pride Parade Saturday the 15th of August.


Hurry over and check out our event on Facebook.



Now for the big news. The board have been working for a long time now to find our own locations and we have!

Starting next semester every 2nd event will be held here at Folkestedet:



We will have en entire room for ourselves and a kitchen where we can cook food and make coffee!

With the locations figured out we are also ready to share our new schedule for the fall semester.

This is only an overview for you to make sure you clear your schedule when we are doing something you want to participate in (which, honestly if you ask us, is every time) the actual FB events where you can join and follow for further updates will be created about two weeks before the event so make sure to check out our FB page to keep you updated.


The semester plan looks like this:

31/8 – 2/9 – DC will be at AU’s studiemesse 2015.

4/9 – Pubcrawl at the different bars around Uniparken.

10/9 – Start up event. We welcome old and new with cake and coffee and inaugurate our new place.

11/9 – DC will be at Denmarks Biggest Fredagsbar. Check out the FB event here.

23/9 – Old fashion Arcade games at Open Space Aarhus, Trøjborg

7/10 – Social Wednesday

21/10 – Dinner Party. We all bring our own favorite dish and enjoy a meal together.

31/10 – Our famous Halloween Party. Come dressed up and join us as we dance the night away together and perhaps takes the party down to G-bar at some point.

4/11 – Social Wednesday

18/11 – We visit Aros together from 19-22.

2/12 – Christmas Social Wednesday. We’ll bring you all the Christmas your heart may desire.

18/12 – Christmas/ End of the year Party with EVERYTHING and then later if we aren’t too full or too drunk we’ll crash G-bar.

(You can also click the tab “event” on our home page and it’ll take you to our updated calendar)  


As you can see we have gone back to two events pr. month which means one event each month is just a social get together with cake and coffee at Folkestedet, a chance to hang out with all your new rainbow friends. The other events have more of a theme to them which also means that we sometimes go out and enjoy Aarhus city.

Also there is some partys inbetween, for instance our very popular halloween party and a christmas party at the end of the semester. Make sure to look for DC’s presence whenever something big is taking place at AU, for instance Studiemessen and DK’s Biggest fredagsbar.


We are super super excited for the next year and hopefully you are too. If you have a suggestion for an event or something you’d like to see DC do, please email us at diversecity-aarhus@hotmail.com or write to us on our FB page.



With lots and lots of love

– DC Board.

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