DiverseCity is back again!

Hopefully y’all have had a spectacular winter break and perhaps now you are slowly starting to think of getting ready for the new semester.

If that is the case then you’ll be happy to hear that DiverseCity is also starting to kick things in gear again, and we are starting our year with a ski themed party where everyone old and new are more than welcome.

The actual info about the party is in the event description here, but some quick information it will be at 8 o’clock the 30th of January and there will be hot chocolate with marshmallows and perhaps some extra “spice”.

The following events this year will continue to be held once a month, the dates will vary a bit more than they did last year, so keep postet in here or on our Facebook page, where the event info will be posted a week or so in advance.

Also, stay tuned for a look back at last semester in pictures, sometime soon after the final exams are officially over and done with.


We are looking forward to seeing you again the next semester and having loads of fun with all of you!

– DC

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