Come through Ma-March!

Hey Squirrel friends.

Has the recent snow and rain put a damper on your mood?


Looking a tad like Grumpy Smurf here? Then do not worry let DiverseCity add a bit of sunshine and lets make a rainbow. Because we have good stuff this month for you guys.

Let us not beat around the burning bush, because God, I mean Rupaul is airing the 9th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race this month.

Another great thing is, that Pouline, our token tranny (I’m writing the blog, I can write what I want!), has participated in an interview for the local magazine Panorama, it will be out this month too.
Be sure to get a copy!


And the link to the whole magazine:
The article is at pp. 66 and is in Danish.

Now to the exciting schedule:

– March 1st: We have our Great DiverseCity Bake Off. So bring your own cake and you may win 1st place. No matter what we will all be high on sugar!!!!

– March 8th: Cafe Sappho is celebrating their 25 year anniversary – and it’s on the International Women’s Day, so wear your red stockings and grab a beer with us at Cafe Sappho.

– March 17th: DiverseCity is taking over Cafe Sappho, again. But this time we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. So come, go green, drink Guiness and Baileys and we will continue at G-Bar afterwards.

Party Bears

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! (Drink responsibly)

As always check the event calender regularly for updates.

Over And Out


Nota Bene:

DiverseCity is loosing 50-75% of it’s board members. This means we need new people to take up the gay torch and keep DiverseCity going. Do you have a secret fantasy about being a board member, then speak out and be present at the General Board Election on May 31st. Here we shall say goodbye to the old board members and welcome to the new board members.


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